Carpenters Farm - strategic dairy farm launch

Carpenters Farm in Wiltshire became our first strategic dairy farm in Wiltshire when it launched on in December 2018.

Over 80 people attend the launch of Joe Carters, Carpenters Farm, our first strategic dairy farm in Wiltshire.

The 330 acre farm is operated Joe Carter and his dad Irving who have an all year round calving herd of 300 Holstein cows, achieving 11,000L per cow per year.

Over the next three years Joe and Irving aim to maximise heifer and youngstock health, welfare and performance, consider welfare in their breeding and establish a program of selective dry cow therapy.

The day included a tour of the farm, an overview of their key performance indicators and a thorough overview of Joe's processes and systems. Joe was also joined by mainy who support his business including Andy Dodd of the Farm Consultancy, Andy Rose of Garden Vets, Roy Eastlake of Biotal Lalleman and James Poole of Alta Genetics.

Joe shared his reasons for becoming a strategic dairy farm 'We have a desire to really drive performance and pay back some of the investments we have made on farm. It's great to be involved and access feedback from other farmers on issues that they have had experience in resolving through the events held here.'

As well concentraining on animal welfare across many areas Joe will be concentrating on scenario planning for business resilience whilst maximising return on investment.

Joe Carter gives a farm overview and shares his future ambitions

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