How much is your machinery costing your farm? Loppington Monitor Farm meeting

Past Event - booking closed

Tue, 07 January 2020

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Wem, Shrewsbury, Shropshire


Do you know how much your machinery is costing your business? Are you interested in comparing these costs and doing the calculations for your farm business?

Harry Henderson (AHDB) and Rob Meadley (Brown & Co) will provide detailed analysis and commentary of the Loppington Monitor Farm’s labour and machinery profile.  

This is a key meeting in our Monitor Farm programme with tangible outcomes for your business. Harry will also provide an insight into the costs experienced by other systems reviewed in England and Wales, allowing attending farmers to understand where savings can be made.


  • Registration with lunch 
  • Welcome and introduction: Richard Meredith, AHDB
  • Farm Update, including establishment demo update: Rory Lay, Loppington Monitor Farmer
  • Introduction to session: Harry Henderson, AHDB
  • Labour and machinery reviews – an overview: Rob Meadley, Brown & Co
    •  Why is it important to do a review?
    • Benefits for the farm business
    • How the was review conducted 
    • Talk through the calculations
    • Explain how the results are presented
  • Machine costings – breakout session facilitated by AHDB, Brown & Co & Rory
    • Tractor (cost/hr)
    • Combine (cost/ha)
    • Sprayer (cost/ha)
    • Fertiliser spreader (cost/ha)
  • Refreshment break
  • Hereford Monitor Farm Benchmarks, Review Results and Costs with Discussion: Rob Meadley, Harry Henderson, AHDB with Rory Lay
  • Meeting summary and close: Richard Meredith, AHDB


If you have any questions about this event, please contact us using the details below.


T 07717493015