Effects of wet weather on this year's lamb crop - Worcestershire

Past Event - booking closed

Thu, 23 January 2020

5:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Overbury Enterprises, Overbury, Tewkesbury, Worcestershire

GL20 7NR

Are you concerned about the impact that the recent wet weather will have on your 2020 lambing crop? Join AHDB at a timely event to discuss the potential impact of which the wet weather is having on flock performance this year.

This meeting will discuss the importance of body condition scoring (BCS) as a tool to assess flock condition, focussing specifically between scanning and lambing, and the impact on young ewes. We will also discuss feed options for housed sheep systems or grazing sheep, and alternatives to consider if the wet weather is impacting available feeds. The emphasis will be on feed available for ewes and lambs through to weaning.


  • Welcome and introductions
  • The importance of ewe body condition scoring (BCS) – how and why?
  • Focus on ewe management post-scanning – utilising scanning and BCS data
  • Focus on ewe management in late pregnancy – options for supplementation and tools available for formulating rations
  • Focus on early lactation – supplementation, creep feed, sward heights and the pros and cons of rotational grazing with young lambs
  • Summary and final questions


If you have any questions about this event, please contact us using the details below.

E ke.events@ahdb.org.uk

T 01904 771218