Evaluating blowfly traps


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Beef & Lamb
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01 March 2008 - 01 November 2008
AHDB Beef & Lamb
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University of Bristol


7391 Final Report Nov 2008

About this project

The Problem:

Blowfly strike continues to be a major problem for sheep welfare.  The cost of blowfly strike to the English sheep industry has been predicted to range between £0.7 million to £2.1 million, and this includes the cost of treatment and control. Current control involves the use of dip, pour-on or spray-on insecticides, but fly trapping may also help reduce strike incidence.


Project Aims:

1. To compare the efficacy of three types of trap (Agrilure, Redtop and Rescue) for catching blowflies and to determine the numbers and species of flies caught



Three types of trap claiming to catch blowflies are on the market in the UK. One type of each trap will be placed on three sheep farms for 8 weeks, and two biting fly traps (Epps biting fly trap and Horse Pal trap) will be placed on two of the farms that have cattle as well as sheep.



The best type of trap to be used must be established, especially before trials are run extensively to see how far trapping is able to reduce strike incidence. The information gathered by this project will be publicised by EBLEX through briefings and articles in agricultural press.