Establishment of a national annual average carbon footprint figure for GB/UK milk production


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An annual report is available for each of the three years of this project.
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3

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01 January 2001 - 01 March 2014
ECO2 project Dairy UK Carbon Trust
Project leader:
The E-CO2 Project Limited

About this project

Project details
This project identified the key greenhouse gas 'hot spots' in order to improve business efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of GB dairy farming.

A number of case studies are included in the annual reports that detail measures implemented by dairy farmers to improve efficiencies and reduce on-farm greenhouse gas emissions.

Reports provide information on:

  • Greenhouse gas 'hot spots' and practical options that could be implemented by dairy farmers to reduce the carbon footprint of the farm
  • Benchmarking farm improvements.