Case study: Enjoy Fish and Chips

Enjoy Fish and Chips

Fish and chips lovers were looking for more from their local chippies. They wanted a choice of portion sizes; to see nutritional information for different menu options; and to lower the amount of saturated fat used in cooking. 

Working with Seafish, the largest piece of research into fish and chips was carried out.

Mystery shoppers visited 580 fish and chip shops across the UK and found huge differences in the portion sizes. Plus, 1,500 people took an online survey about their ideal portion sizes and what information they wanted from their chippies.  A nutritional analysis was also done for different species of fish and potatoes cooked in different ways.

Featured in the press and at trade events, the report shows that having a wider range of portion sizes can help attract more customers and tighter portion control has a positive effect on profits. The report also allows independent fish and chips shops to prepare for new legislation on displaying nutritional information for the food they sell.

Visit the Enjoy Fish and Chips website to learn more