Case study: Cheeky Beef

Cheeky Beef

Sales of beef with younger people were falling, as they think other options are healthier, quicker and easier to cook on busy weeknights. 

With stunning photography and innuendo-laden headlines such as ‘Fancy a midweek quickie’ and ‘Strip tease’, we showed younger people that their favourite dishes could be just as tasty made with beef strips rather than chicken.

The ads featured on billboards close to supermarkets, in print and online. And a PR campaign also showed how mid-week meals had become boring and how thin cut beef steaks could bring excitement back to mealtimes.

The campaign increased the number of shoppers who said they are very likely/certain to buy thin cut steaks by 10% and delivered £1.2 million return on retail sales of thin cut beef steaks.

Check out the Cheeky Beef campaign on our Simply Beef website