Audit and Risk Assurance Committee

This committee is responsible, on behalf of the board, for ensuring we follow good financial procedures across the business, that we are making use of best practice in all areas of our work, that risk is being appropriately managed within the organisation, and are overseeing our annual report and accounts. 

All AHDB audit functions, both internal and external, are in the remit of the committee. The AHDB levy income comes under Treasury rules for the governance of public money. As a result, the National Audit Office (NAO) is responsible for the external auditing of the AHDB accounts, with Defra acting as AHDB’s sponsor government department. The CEO (as AHDB Accounting Officer) is accountable to Defra ministers and the devolved administrations on the appropriate use of levy funds and corporate governance standards applicable to public bodies. 

Committee members are appointed by the AHDB board on the basis they hold appropriate skills and experience to the work of the committee. Committee membership will be drawn from members of the AHDB board and sector councils. Current committee members are: 

  • Sarah Pumfrett (Chair) – AHDB board member 
  • Stephen Briggs – AHDB board member 
  • Lyndon Edwards – AHDB board member and Dairy sector council chair 
  • Glen Nimmo – AHDB board member and Pork sector council chair

Audit and Risk Assurance Committee terms of reference

Audit and risk assurance Committee register of interests