#AgriLeadership Week 2022

The cross-organisation campaign is taking place in May, to raise awareness of leadership training across the agricultural career spectrum

Taking place between 16-20 May 2022, #AgriLeadershipWeek is back! A joint scheme by AHDB, Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust, Institute for Agricultural Management (IAgrM), Worshipful Company of Farmers (WCF) and The Farmers Club Charitable Trust (FCCT).

#AgriLeadershipWeek is targeting current and aspiring leaders in farming who are unaware of, or are yet to make use of, any leadership training. Through the campaign, it is hoped people will become more aware of development opportunities that can not only improve them as a person but as an employer and manager of others. 

How can you take part?

Throughout the third week of May, there will be social media support from each partner in the scheme showcasing the great experiences of leadership training and signposting ways to get involved and further develop yourself.  

You can share your story, watch our specially created leadership videos and enter the competitions we have laid on throughout the week by tweeting #AgriLeadershipWeek.

Read the press pack for more info on getting involved

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Hear our stories

“The ongoing relationships I've had with the people on the courses that i've been on has been invaluable to the work we've done here on the farm, and getting through some of the tougher times.”

Dan Burdett

“If we all engage in this leadership journey we can deliver a prosperous agricultural industry that's fit for purpose - not just for today but for generations to come.”

Jenna Ross

“Qualities of a leader are empathy, being technically strong, understanding and being able to communicate, having integrity. I think we've all got that in different ways - it's about building on it.”

Navaratnam Partheeban

“Leadership development is for everyone. Regardless if you are a leader in a business, everyone is a leader of their own lives – or certainly should be.”

Holly Beckett

Why is this important?

Izak van Heerden, Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager at AHDB, said: "Farming is going through a period of unprecentated change and it will be good leadership that will steer the industry through to the future.  Fortunately, you don’t need a fancy title or office to be a leader. We can all be leaders in our businesses and roles, all it takes is the right mindset and some practice. Yes - a leader looks like you!”

Chris Graf Grote, Chairman at Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust, said: "This initiative is an important step towards making agriculture more aware of the needs for good leadership and the comprehensive training that is already available. We hope this scheme helps develop and inspire current and future generations of industry leaders."

Stephen Fletcher, Chair of the Farmers Club Charitable Trust, said: “The Trust is delighted to be involved in the second year of #AgriLeadershipWeek. Working in collaboration with other stakeholders has enabled the creation and development of a unique ‘one-stop’ shop for all Agri Leadership information that individuals can access to guide and support them on their career pathway.  I am in no doubt that the opportunities and signposting this platform provides will facilitate the next generation of leaders to the industry at a time when it is facing immense change and challenges.”