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Arable Business Groups

These facilitated discussions are designed to help groups of growers improve their business management skills.

Specifically, Arable Business Groups aim to:

  • Understand costs of production*
  • Investigate pricing strategies
  • Share information
  • Identify best practice
  • Focus on issues that affect members’ businesses
  • Make efficient use of industry experts

Arable Business Groups are part of AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds Farm Excellence activities.

*Understanding cost of production is the initial focus of any group meeting. Members of an Arable Business Group have access to Farmbench, our web-based benchmarking tool. Farmbench allows you to make confidential cost comparisons with group, regional and national data.

Get involved

To start or join an Arable Business Group, contact your local Knowledge Exchange Manager.

Active Arable Business Groups