We Eat Balanced Results 2021

The We Eat Balanced campaign successfully changed consumer perceptions and protected purchase intent.  

At a time when consumers were being subjected to more and more negative misinformation about food and farming from Britain, our We Eat Balanced campaign was successful at communicating that meat and dairy can be part of a balanced and sustainable diet and succeeded in shifting consumer perceptions.

Independent evaluation shows the campaign drove significant uplift in attitudes, including: 

  • 90 per cent of consumers said AHDB’s We Eat Balanced TV advert communicated that meat and dairy can be part of a balanced diet
  • 82 per cent of young adults found the advert interesting (a demographic which has historically been difficult to reach)
  • Purchase intent for meat (on the next shop) rose five percentage points to 77 per cent (among 34 to 49 yrs), while dairy saw a six-percentage point increase to 84 per cent (among 16 to 34 yrs)
  • Consumer perceptions that meat and dairy from Britain is produced sustainably grew significantly, up five and eight percentage points
  • Significant uplifts were seen in attitudes around health, with the number of consumers seeing meat and dairy as a source of vitamin B12 rising five and four percentage points

The multi-channel campaign, which saw the Pork, Beef & Lamb and Dairy sectors join together to protect long-term consumer attitudes included:  

  • TV advertising, video-on-demand and online advertising that reached 88% (24 million) of UK households  
  • Full-page adverts in the i Newspaper, that has a readership of 1 million  
  • In-store and online advertising within eight major supermarket chains nationwide  
  • A targeted social media campaign, generating over 45 million impressions
  • Enlisting food and farmer influencers such as Adam Henson, Tom Pemberton and Spencer Matthews which boosted the number of followers to the @WeEatBalanced account by 50%  

Fantastic industry support for AHDB’s We Eat Balanced campaign

Our consumer marketing campaign We Eat Balanced returned on 4 January 2022 with a new TV advert, designed to present the facts and bust the myths around food and farming from the UK. 

It’s been great to see the We Eat Balanced campaign is striking the right note with industry, and to see all the support it’s getting out there.

Farming ambassadors

We are supporting farmers to tell their story online, in an arena where so many conversations around health and environment happen but sometimes with little evidence to back up those claims.

For more information and to find out how to get involved, email Farming.Ambassadors@ahdb.org.uk.