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25 November 2021

The weekly export price survey helps identify how competitive domestic surplus grain is in export markets. In years of surplus, the need to export grain increases and this price survey can be used to display how competitive we are and the likelihood of trade occurring. The prices are collected from a sample of merchants and are quoted as "Free on Board" meaning they show the cost of grain and loading. Each week on a Tuesday, the Tuesday spot prices are published for the current month, plus a selection of forward months. In instances where there are less than 7 days remaining in the current month, the following month is collected.

5 November 2019

Soil management

29 November 2019

Labour and machinery review

14 January 2020

Pushing for yield

28 January 2020

Personal resilience

29 March 2019

These alerts can help guide the application of protectant fungicides to oilseed rape.

16 March 2021

Sclerotinia in oilseed rape is caused by a fungal pathogen. Discover the main factors that influence disease risk and the management options.

25 September 2018

Is your OSR getting enough sulphur?