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7 October 2021

Find out best practice and top tips to rear healthy heifers for your dairy herd.

17 March 2020

A survey to understand decision making around calf management

16 April 2020

A guide to provide information on how to optimise calf performance.

29 January 2021

The InCalf guide for GB farmers calving AYR pulls together the accepted knowledge on dairy herd fertility management, drawing on AHDB’s extensive amounts of research and resources, as well as industry experts across Great Britain and beyond.

19 June 2019

Excellent calf and youngstock welfare can be achieved by ensuring animals are thriving, not surviving, according to Jim Reynolds, an international expert in dairy welfare.

26 June 2018

A new project funded by AHDB Beef & Lamb will identify profitable best practice and help address some of the significant challenges that face the calf rearing sector, including reducing antibiotic use and the welfare of calves

15 January 2021

An emphasis on calf management and investment in new facilities reduce age at first calving by four months and more than double pregnancy