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21 April 2023

Total volumes of sheep meat imports saw large month-on-month (MOM) increases in February, growing by 52% (1,200t) to 3,600t.

24 November 2022

Learn about what the impact of a free trade agreement with Australia may have on UK agriculture.

10 May 2024

Independent evidence-based analysis on a possible US/UK trade deal to cut through the speculation and answer the questions on the minds of UK producers, consumers and the wider agri-food sector.

3 April 2019

Brexit uncertainty creates currency volatility which filters through to grain markets. EU exports pick up from a slow start to the season. Trainee Analyst, Alex Cook gives a market update.

16 August 2019

Britain’s love for Cheddar still continues to dominate the cheese market, but continental cheese is getting a boost and consumers don’t need to go far to satisfy their taste for the exotic.

31 July 2020

In this issue of Horizon we consider the impact that Brexit may have on the industry in terms of availability and affordability of labour.