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20 December 2019

Making suckler cow systems more profitable through grazing management

31 October 2019

The importance of colostrum intake by the calf and best practice guidelines for after care

31 October 2019

Feeding to optimise body condition during pregnancy and the production cycle is closely related to calving ease and the health of the cow and calf

14 February 2019

An AHDB Beef & Lamb Webinar

13 August 2018

Piglets need warmth after birth as energy reserves to produce body heat are limited. They are also born with no immunity so need colostrum soon after birth a min 100ml per kg of birthweight within 16 hours is crucial to provide the energy, nutrients and antibodies to survive

30 October 2023

Colostrum is vital to the newborn calf as it contains antibodies, energy and nutrients essential for growth.