Richard Orr

AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds Sector Council Member

Image of staff member Richard Orr


Richard farms in County Down, Northern Ireland, between the Mourne mountains to the south and Strangford Lough to the east.  In 2015 he took over management of the family farm working alongside his parents but following their divorce in 2023 Richard has bought out his parents and now runs the business with his wife and two children. Richard is a former AHDB monitor farmer from 2018-2022. The farm is mainly cereals and potatoes worked in a reduced cultivation system, even the potatoes. The business is heavily focused on soil and plant health, rather than relying on chemicals as the first solution. Richard also acts as a technology demonstration farm for minimum tillage through Cafre college. He also has small herds of cattle, sheep and pigs to complement the farm shop and tearooms they own, with the aim to sell as much produce from the farm direct to the consumer. Richard feels there is a greater need than ever to educate and reconnect the public with their food.

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