Mike Wijnberg

Pork Sector Council Member (Processor)

Image of staff member Mike Wijnberg

Email: pork.sectorcouncil@ahdb.org.uk

Mike is a member of the executive board of Pilgrim’s Pride Ltd.

A veterinary surgeon by training, Mike joined BQP, the Pilgrim’s UK farming business, in 1995. He developed their in-house veterinary practice, went on to run an abattoir and cutting operation and later took responsibility for pig procurement, building supply chains for several major UK retail customers.

Mike took up his current role of Pilgrim’s Group technical director in 2018 having spent three years in Scotland running SAC Consulting.

Mike is a past-president of the Pig Veterinary Society, was a member of the Farm Animal Welfare Council and has been an active participant on various industry bodies.

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