Julie Clark

Lead Farmbench Manager

Image of staff member Julie Clark

Email: Julie.Clark@ahdb.org.uk

Mobile: 07778 144 273

Julie is responsible for the promotion of the Farm Economics tools throughout Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North West. This entails the recruitment and retention of Farmbench users ensuring that they provide accurate and industry representative benchmarking data sets. She joined AHDB in August 2019 and is based in Ayrshire, Scotland. Julie previously worked in feed sales and nutrition and spent a year working for a local charity in the fundraising department. 

She is from a dairy background, with both parents growing up on dairy farms. Julie studied Business Studies at the University of the West of Scotland but has always had a passion for Agriculture. She thoroughly enjoys working for AHDB and appreciates the hard work and enthusiasm of farmers and growers throughout the UK. Julie particularly enjoys the work she does with the Business Improvement Groups and believes peer to peer learning is essential for the industry.


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