Jodie Bolland

Pork Sector Council Member

Image of staff member Jodie Bolland


Jodie holds the position as Head of Livestock and External Sales at Morrisons, working for the Woodhead Bros business since 2011 where she has covered a variety of roles in the meat sector. Her current role sees her lead the livestock sourcing team for beef, pork and lamb – the external sales business and lead projects and agricultural relationships for the red meat sectors. Jodie has a particular passion for animal welfare, and believes this has an important part to play in our point of difference as a nation.

Jodie’s direct links with the Morrisons retail and agricultural teams bring a new dynamic to the pork sector council. She is looking forward to bringing her wider knowledge across other agricultural sectors, her trading experience in retail and her recent MBA qualification and retail knowledge, to offer a breadth of understanding to take the industry into a new era of change.

Jodie, who was brought up on a dairy farm in Malhamdale, North Yorkshire, wants to make sure that the British pig industry is one that will be around in years to come and to ensure the future is bright.

Find out more about Jodie's background, her thoughts on some of the challenges facing the sector and why she wanted to join AHDB’s Pork Council.

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