Jack Watts

Head of Economics - Strategy

Image of staff member Jack Watts

Email: jack.watts@ahdb.org.uk

Jack started his professional career back in 2006 when he joined the Home-Grown Cereals Authority (HGCA) as a graduate in the Market Information Team. In 2008 HGCA became a part of AHDB with a move from London to Stoneleigh in 2009. As his experience and networks grew, Jack took on more responsibility for Cereals and oilseed market analysis and communication.  

In 2018, Jack took up the role of Chief Crops Adviser at NFU with direct responsibility for the National Crops Board in partnership with the board chair. A key piece of work at this time was the modelling of No Deal Brexit risks on the cropping sector, especially the risk that tariffs presented to arable farm incomes as well as market distortion. With the onset of the Covid pandemic, subsequent war in Ukraine and the inflationary impacts Jack moved into a cross sector role of Chief Value Chain Analyst. This has involved providing evidence through models and data on sector impacts and where material risks to critical mass exist. 

Outside of work, Jack has two secondary school age children, is a keen (but slow) runner as well as taking a leisurely interest in family farming and rural enterprises. 

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