Graham Bannister

Interim Head of Cereals & Oilseeds

Image of staff member Graham Bannister


Mobile: 075 8070 4673

Though not from a farming family, Graham developed a passion for farming at a very early age. Starting his working life on farms in East Yorkshire and learning as many areas of the industry as possible, he soon developed an affinity with the potato and its fascinating and challenging production. After fulfilling his boyhood dream of managing a farm, Graham embarked on a career devoted to potatoes. Joining Greenvale AP as a buyer and trader, he had a successful, and happy, ten-year period operating from their Perthshire office in Scotland.  Leaving a happily married daughter behind in Scotland, He returned to his native Yorkshire to be closer to his parents.  Graham joined the AHDB in 2017 and he is now hugely proud to be the knowledge Exchange Manager for AHDB Potatoes, in the North East and North West of England. Graham also leads the English and Welsh Potato KE Team where his 38 years’ experience in agriculture can be utilised to help levy payers navigate these uncertain times.

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