How to become a Strategic Dairy Farm

AHDB are recruiting for their next Strategic Dairy Farm in Wales. Become our next SDF and take your farm business to the next level.

Our Strategic Dairy Farm programme aims to improve business resilience and performance across the dairy industry, demonstrating how this can be achieved through the adoption of best practices.

What is a strategic dairy farmer/farm?

Strategic dairy farmers are open-minded, receptive to new ideas, happy to be challenged and willing to embrace the idea of change. They are on a journey to improve their farm business and share information and decision-making with other farmers.

They are personable, forward-thinking and respected by their peers. They are comfortable having their story told through a range of different media channels (print, digital, social media, podcast, etc.).

A Strategic Dairy Farm business is reputable, valuing and performing highly across multiple areas, including animal health and welfare, reproductive and nutritional performance, housing and the environment.

Why should I become a strategic dairy farmer?

As a strategic dairy farmer, you will work with a team of experts, including peers, researchers and consultants, to drive positive change on your farm as a showcase for the industry.

We will help you identify your goals, develop a three-year plan and create clear targets to help you achieve this.

We will work with you to put together a steering group with peers and/or industry experts who will provide a network of support. This group will challenge you to make positive changes and work towards your goals.

We will share your story, helping to increase your profile, while ensuring others can learn from your experience, and to promote the reputation of the industry.

What would I have to do in return?

  • You would need to commit to hosting two public-facing events per year and attending steering group meetings
  • You should be comfortable speaking to both a physical and online audience
  • You will be expected to provide case studies and stories including interviews, videos, photos, etc.
  • Some Strategic Dairy Farms may receive requests for other groups to visit the farm; this is not a requirement of the programme, but it is helpful for us to have a network of farms we can call upon to host visits

How do I apply?

If you are interested in joining the Strategic Dairy Farm network as a host farmer, or want to find out more about the programme, contact:

Image of staff member Jamie McCoy

Jamie McCoy

Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager - Dairy

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Image of staff member James Hague

James Hague

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Dairy

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