Livestock Information Programme

The Livestock Information Programme (LIP) is a partnership between government and industry to design and implement a digital traceability system in England for cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and deer.  

By collecting data on these species in one place the LIP will make disease prevention and management faster and more effective. The data it gathers also has the potential to bring further benefits to the industry.

LIP covers England;  Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are also introducing systems which will carry out the same task.

One system for all livestock

Work to create a unified livestock information service began in 2019 by Livestock Information Limited, a jointly owned subsidiary of AHDB and Defra. Its goal was to replace three existing systems: ARAMS for sheep, goats and deer; BCMS for cattle; and EAML2 for pigs.

In March 2022 transition of the ARAMS system to the new service was completed. At the same time the Livestock Unique Identifier Service (LUIS) was launched to replace the previous Ear Tag Allocation System (ETAS). While this is currently for sheep and goats only, it can be extended to cattle and pigs in the future. The next phase of LIP will address the BCMS.

Industry involvement

The Traceability Design User Group (TDUG), an independent group of 25 industry and government stakeholders, was set up to:

  • Develop the vision for the programme
  • Establish the design principles to underpin the development of the service
  • Investigate how value-added systems could work in practice

The vision

To establish a modern, digitally enabled traceability system, which will also facilitate exploitation of statutory and non-statutory data for wider industry benefit.

Benefits of LIP for the livestock industry

  • Quicker, more convenient and practical ways to record livestock moves, births and deaths
  • Will enable quick and effective reactions from government and industry to eradicate exotic disease outbreaks, and speed up control of chronic endemic diseases
  • Will enable the development of innovative solutions for trade, productivity, and animal health and welfare
  • Provides a competitive advantage
  • Support will be available for those less able to use smartphones and computers, and those without internet connection

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