Livestock Information Programme

The Livestock Information Programme (LIP) is a joint government-industry scheme to create a single system of registration and tracing for livestock in England.  LIP is being led by AHDB on behalf of Defra.  This will replace three existing systems:  ARAMS for sheep, BCMS for cattle and EAML2 for pigs. 

The Livestock Information Service (LIS) will collect data on these species in one place.  This will make disease prevention and management faster and more effective.  It will also allow that data to be used for additional “value-added” mechanisms which will make the industry more efficient and increase profitability.

LIP covers England;  Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are also introducing systems which will carry out the same task.

A new system for all species

The three systems which are being replaced are outdated and no longer fit for purpose.  Across the world, meat producers are introducing digital platforms for traceability and monitoring as they have seen the potential advantages such systems offer.  In order to keep English livestock production world-leading we need to modernise.

Data management and exploitation will be critical to the future success of meat production;  “big data” has enormous possibilities, and part of LIP’s task is to make sure that data is used responsibly and safely, with the right level of privacy and security.

The service will offer multiple benefits for the livestock industry, including:

  • Quicker, more convenient and practical ways to record livestock moves, births and deaths
  • Support for those less able to use smart-phones and computers and those without internet connection
  • Enable the development of innovative solutions that improve trade, productivity, animal health and welfare
  • A service that enables quick and effective reactions from government and industry to eradicate exotic disease outbreaks and speed up control of chronic endemic diseases
  • A competitive trade advantage

Introducing the Livestock Information Service

The Livestock Information Service is being built and rolled out by Livestock Information Limited (LI Ltd) which is an AHDB subsidiary, owned 51% by AHDB and 49% by Defra.  LI Ltd’s website can be found here.

Industry involvement

The design and function of the service is being advised by the Traceability Design User Group (TDUG), an independent group of 25 industry and government stakeholders.

TDUG has developed a vision of what LIS needs to be and do. It has also established a defined set of design principles that will underpin the development of a robust, flexible, intuitive service that aims to exceed the expectations of industry and government.

TDUG is also investigating how Value-Added systems will work in practice and creating advisory reports for LI Ltd and AHDB to consider.

To find out more about TDUG click here

The Livestock Information Programme Vision Statement 

Working in partnership, Defra and industry will develop world-leading standards of livestock traceability in the UK.  This will deliver a competitive trade advantage, make us more resilient and responsive to animal disease and will drive innovation, interoperability and productivity improvements throughout the meat and livestock sectors.

In the meantime, below are links to a series of five-minute Livestock Information Programme YouTube clips that explain who we are, what we are doing and how we’re going about it.

As the programme progresses this page will be updated with more information.

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