Farmbench is an easy to use online benchmarking tool that helps to identify where strengths and weaknesses lie within a farm business.

By comparing results anonymously to farms with similar enterprises, Farmbench enables you to improve individual business performance and manage many of the challenges facing the sector, such as price volatility, Brexit, and economic uncertainty. This will ensure that your business is on the best possible footing for the future, allowing your legacy to continue for years to come.

The market-leading tool allows you to evaluate the performance of these enterprises, by comparing agreed performance indicators with neighbouring, local or national farmers. Many farmers already do this informally by discussing yields and output prices with other producers; however, Farmbench allows you make an objective analysis of performance and explore the full impact on your bottom line. The ultimate aim of Farmbench is to provide you with a better understanding of your own business and put you in control of your future. You will then be able to discuss and share best practice with others through Business Improvement Groups, before making evidence-based decisions to improve individual profitability and productivity.

At present, Farmbench is available for beef, lamb, dairy, combinable crop, potato and sugar beet enterprises. Funded by the AHDB levy, Farmbench is uniquely placed to provide the service and support for free. 

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