41110069: Assessing welfare against progressive standards on continuously housed dairy herds in Britain: Questions & Answers

 A: The primary aim is to engage with a reflective sample of continuously housed herds. Ideally, these would be a mixture of aligned/non-aligned to reduce any potential biases. Where aligned, they should reflect more than one supply chain.  

 A: The basic requirement is to benchmark the 20 farms against the progressive standard indicated. At the discretion of the supplier, the overall interpretation contained in the report, may include reference to other datasets.

 A: The extension is a time extension, if needed to deliver the project, recognising of some of the challenges involved in data collection.  There is no additional budget above the ceiling indicated.

 A: The target audience will be farmers who run a continuously housed herd including those that were involved in the project. At the very least, the findings and any case studies from the project should be communicated to raise awareness of the project.  

A: As of yet, there is no industry definition of a continuously housed herd, for the purpose of this project it is expected that the milking cows will be continuously housed for their entire lactation.