White Line Disease

White line disease is separation of the wall horn from the sole horn as a result of damage in the white line region. 

White Line Disease is one of the commonest causes of cattle lameness along with sole ulcer and digital dermatitis.

The process that causes white line disease is not laminitis, but is a disruption of the claw horn.

What are the clinical signs of the disease?

  • Pain and lameness
  • 90% are in the back foot, with 80% in the outer hind claw
  • Bleeding and separation along the white line, often with pus

Prevention & control

  • Diet - ensure a well balanced diet with adequate dry matter as forage
  • Environment - ensure good quality tracks and hard standing areas
  • Housing - ensure adequate lying areas particularly in terms of cubicles - allow one cubicle per cow as a minimum

Remedial foot trimming, by a trained foot trimmer, as soon as lameness is seen; seek further advice if the animal continues to be lame.