Trim/Muscles 75% VL

Code: Trim B017

Trim B017
Trim B017

Additional Information

1. Trim/muscles to be prepared from fresh beef fore and hindquarters, excluding head meat and offal. Meat should be free of all bone, bone gristle, cartilage, discoloured tissue and glands. 2. the chemical lean % (as measured by chemical analysis using British Standard methods) tolerance should be agreed by buyer and seller. 3. no other meat other than beef may be used. 4. all livestock must be from farms operating in compliance with a scheme and must be transported, slaughtered and processed in compliance with AHDB beef and lamb approved quality assurance scheme. Each such assurance scheme must be independently audited to EN 45011 standard. 5. The manufacturer or processor must me a registered member of the Quality Standard Mark Scheme.
Trim/Muscles 75% VL Meat Cut Spec Step 1


Example of 75% visual lean muscle/trimmings.