Growing Media

4 February 2021

Growers explain how they are using our research and knowledge exchange

8 December 2020

An ornamentals nursery explain how they are reducing peat in their production

7 September 2020

This factsheet provides information on optimising mushroom casing using peat and its alternatives. It describes steps that may be taken by growers during preparation and watering of casing to improve mushroom yields and quality, and minimise problems such as bacterial blotch.

7 September 2020

This factsheet collates the results of several projects to provide information on optimising the spawn-running of pasteurised compost in mushroom cultivation. It describes how the rate of spawn-running can be measured and which factors are important in controlling it.

3 September 2020

This factsheet provides growers with information about the risk of winter cold injury occurring in strawberries and offers guidelines on the best forms of protection.

3 September 2020

This factsheet has been produced to provide growers with a basic understanding of the nutritional requirements of strawberries grown in soilless substrates (predominantly peat and coir).

29 May 2020

The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board’s (AHDB) Farm Excellence programme has turned to digital technology to ensure knowledge can still be shared with and between farmers during the current coronavirus pandemic.

11 October 2021

This arable magazine covers a variety of AHDB-funded activities.

7 July 2020

This session will explore the elements of soil health and their connection and influence on soil function. Particular focus areas will include the influence of farming practice on soil health as well as biological systems and, in particular, the beneficial aspects and maintenance of balanced soil microbiomes.

7 October 2021

Arable Connections features at events throughout the UK, giving you the opportunity to discuss the latest practical trials and demonstrations

27 February 2020

Practical tips to help move to peat-free or peat-reduced growing media

4 February 2020

A summary of our latest research for pests, weeds, diseases, soils and nutrition for field vegetable crops