Storage Research

30 June 2021

Avoiding food waste by control of disease in storage cabbage webinar looking at what you can do to prevent cabbage storage issues such as Botrytis, Phytophthora and virus as well as the applied research that has been taking place

24 June 2021

This webinar is all about the trial conducted at Allium & Brassica Centre to reduce wastage due to diseases of cabbage in storage

25 March 2021

Storing potatoes long-term is often challenging and this is especially so if there is a reliance on ambient ventilation. Even in the most favourable seasons, it is seldom possible to hold crops at optimum temperature in ambient stores beyond early May. Here we explore how refrigeration can help deliver on long-term storage.

25 March 2021

There is generally pressure for potato store managers to closely monitor carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the industry. However, this management tends to be met with mixed views. Storage experts at Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research are looking to settle the debate in an ongoing storage trial.

10 December 2020

Approval has been granted for controlled use of DMN on a limited number of varieties, pre nominated by member companies of the Potato Processors Association (PPA).

17 June 2020

Review of the best practices for storing outdoor cucurbit crops.

23 January 2020

With the loss of CIPC, managing your crop for storage has never been more important

8 November 2019

As we move towards the end of October, many of you have been reporting problems of a wet crop and various diseases during lifting and store loading.

24 November 2021

Access research results from projects looking at alternative potato sprout suppressants for the fresh and processing sectors

20 September 2019

A study has found that CIPC will permeate the top layer of concrete in treated stores

31 October 2019

Potato storage to take place in Kent

15 August 2019

The Agronomist Conference this year will focus on IPM