Technical Article

7 October 2019

Looking at the impact of liver fluke in cattle and sheep

7 November 2018

This project demonstrates that the real-time assay had potential to enable the early prediction of skin spot levels during storage. The work presented in this report confirms that there was a good relationship between levels of P. pustulans DNA in peel at harvest and skin spot development in tubers following a 20-week storage duration

7 November 2018

This report summarises the work carried out during the second and final year of this trial to determine how knowledge of crop duration and soil inoculum enables prediction of risk of black dot during storage. The results are discussed in relation to the findings of the previous trials carried out since 2004.

7 November 2018

A number of methods of seed tuber treatment have been investigated with the aim of improving the coverage and hence the efficacy of fungicide treatment.

22 February 2019

Poster detailing the various diseases and defects that can impact potatoes. Download below or order a hard copy from Emma, on 01406 359 419 |

7 November 2018

Dry rot is the most important fungal rot of potatoes in Great Britain. The disease affects around 1% of tubers annually. However, its true impact on the industry is often underestimated because the disease enables Erwinia species to colonise and develop into soft rots.

4 November 2019

NEW! UPDATED SECTION ON SPROUT SUPPRESSION: Our essential store managers' guide returns 18 years after its first publication with updated advice and data on: airflow analysis, respiration rates, sprout suppression, disease identification, condensation control, storage temperatures, pull-down rates and more.