Technical Article

10 January 2022

Ben Williams, Knowledge Transfer Senior Manager, explains why pig farmers need to consider investing in energy solutions as the UK agriculture continues to face the increasingly rigorous demands of permitted agriculture.

6 August 2020

For those who are unaware of ‘slurry cooling’, this is the perfect step-by-step guide to demonstrate how slurry cooling works. This animation shows a number of proven options available to help you reduce ammonia emissions and comply with forthcoming compliance targets for environmental permitting.

11 August 2020

During this webinar, you will be taken on a journey to learn the basics of the slurry cooling system, discover benefits and industry reps that can help you, make a difference. Find out all the upcoming work we are doing.

1 June 2020

Read our list of FAQs on how to deal with storage challenges posed by the coronavirus crisis

17 March 2020

Orange oil has EU Annex 1 listing and is currently undergoing registration in Europe

23 October 2019

Our Storage Cost Calculator enables you to assess your cost using an Excel-based template.

7 November 2018

In early 2016, AHDB undertook a study tour to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to view potato storage and marketing in North West Europe. The study tour had a specific aim of progressing the understanding of key elements of potato production in NW Europe. It was undertaken as an opportunity for GB levy payers to view practices first hand and to improve knowledge of the ways in which the European potato markets operate.

6 December 2019

StoreCheck is an AHDB service being offered by Sutton Bridge CSR & FEC Energy to assess potato storage performance. It is part of AHDB’s Storage 2020 initiative, devised to help to improve existing stores and make them more cost-effective

29 November 2021

Advice and data on airflow analysis, respiration rates, sprout suppression, disease identification, condensation control, storage temperatures, pull-down rates and more