2 September 2019

Challenge Sheep results including body condition scores, lamb eight week weights and weaning weights

1 October 2019

Optimising lamb performance through nutrition and genetics

7 October 2019

Getting better results from calf rearing

10 October 2019

Getting better results from calf rearing

1 October 2019

Grazing a spring calving suckler herd

12 September 2019

Grazing spring calving suckler cows

1 August 2019

AHDB has committed to increasing industry knowledge of the dormancy of the most popular varieties of potatoes

1 July 2019

The final Strategic Potato (SPot) Farm Open Day hosted by Bruce Farms will highlight simple practical changes growers can make to improve their margins.

27 June 2019

When will you have to stop using CIPC? What support are we offering? What alternatives are there?

11 June 2019

We are on the hunt for a host for our next strategic potato (SPot) farm in Scotland.

9 April 2019

Do you know how your animals are performing and your costs of production? Collecting records and then analysing them is the best way to understand how your business is performing.