Skirt Steaks (diaphragm)

Code: Offal B002

Important Note

For this product the skirt (diaphragm) must be matured for a minimum of 14 days, in vacuum bags, not on the bone, to enhance keeping quality.


Produced from the skirt (diaphragm), with all gristle and connective tissue removed. The meat grain is coarse but tender and is also ideal for stir-fry.

Offal B002
Offal B002
Meat Cut Spec Step 1


Whole skirt (diaphragm) with all connective tissue and gristle attached.

Meat Cut Spec Step 2


Remove the gristle by following the contour of the muscle.

Meat Cut Spec Step 3


Remove the gristle on both sides of the meat by gently pulling it away, being careful not to pull the muscle apart.

Meat Cut Spec Step 4


Lean skirt (diaphragm).

Meat Cut Spec Step 5


Cut into steaks of required weight.

Meat Cut Spec Step 6


Skirt Steak.