PigSAFE: Re-designing the farrowing environment from first principles to optimise animal welfare and economic performance


01 April 2008 - 01 November 2010
Newcastle University, SAC, AHDB Pork, QMS, RSPCA, Defra, Quality Equipment

About this project

  • To review and synthesise current scientific knowledge on sow and piglet needs and practical experience of existing non-crate farrowing systems
  • To use economic modelling approaches to characterise the best system prototype(s) based on this information
  • To build and develop the prototype(s), testing structural and management innovations considered likely to improve their performance
  • To scale up the final best system and test this under commercial conditions against conventional farrowing crates
  • To carry out an economic, environmental and trade analysis of the new system based on commercial performance and costs. 


  • Results from this research can be found on the Newcastle University website

Further information