P1906305: AHDB Research Call: Autumn survey of wheat bulb fly incidence 2019-2022 - Questions & Answers

A: Yes, the purpose of the call is to deliver the survey as in previous years, however we are also providing an opportunity for researchers to submit proposals for alternative methodologies to improve the survey process, subject to the availability of future funding.

The funding offered for this call is intended to deliver the wheat bulb fly survey for three years to maintain current levels of monitoring. Researchers are welcome to propose additional work alongside this but the current level of coverage must be maintained unless clear justification can be given. Please see the previous monitoring reports for the expected level of coverage/risk assessment.

A: The aim of this call is to at least maintain the current level of coverage from the wheat bulb fly survey but we would of course welcome proposals that extend that coverage to Scotland. As you can see from the call, we are exploring options to improve the current survey methodology to enable more efficient and therefore wider ranging monitoring for this pest without compromising reliability.