Malmesbury Monitor Farm

Roger Wilson
Farm sectors:
Cereals & Oilseeds
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About Malmesbury Monitor Farm

  • Monitor Farm  2017 - 2020
  • 441 acres, 416 owned with average field size 21 acres
  • 310 acres arable with beef finishing unit (approx. 65 per annum)
  • Variable rotations including winter wheat and barley, winter OSR, spring barley and beans along with leys
  • Labour: Roger and his brother with contractors for high clearance spraying and combining
  • 1300 tonnes grain storage
  • Grain marketing through United Oilseeds, Openfield and Frontier
  • Mostly non plough and straw baled

Roger Wilson farms in partnership with his brother Peter at Lower Odd Farm in Wiltshire. They have 170 ha owned land plus 10 ha rented grassland. The arable rotation is flexible, incorporating winter wheat, oilseed rape, spring beans, winter and spring barley as well as grass leys. All crops are dried and stored on-farm. The farm has a beef herd which are fed home-grown cereals. Key challenges for the farm are the threat of ryegrass, inconsistent bean yields, rape establishment, pyrethroid resistance and managing the farm’s heavier soils. During the three years of the Monitor Farm programme, Roger would like to address topics including succession, soil management and the evaluation of variable rate fertilisers.

For more information contact Philip Dolbear, AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds Knowledge Exchange Manager for the South West on or 07964255614

Previous meetings

  • Precision farming and technology: 2 March 2020 (report, pdf)
  • Zero carbon farming: 3 February 2020 (report, pdf)
  • Rotations: 2 December 2019 (report, pdf)
  • Soils and crop inputs: 4 November 2019 (report, pdf)
  • Profitable rotations: 2 December 2019 (report, pdf)
  • Healthy soils, healthy crops, less inputs, more margin: 4 November 2019 (report, pdf)
  • Summer meeting: 25 June 2019 (report, pdf)
  • Fungicide strategies: 4 March 2019 (report, pdf)
  • Learning from organic: 5 February 2019 (report, pdf)
  • Better grain marketing post-Brexit: 3 December 2018 (report, pdf)
  • Machinery review: 5 November 2018 (report, pdf)
  • Summer meeting: 26 June 2018 (report, pdf)
  • Succession planning (Heather Wildman): 6 March 2018 (report, pdf)
  • Grass weed management (Stephen Moss and Chris Padfield): 6 February 2018 (report, pdf)
  • Soil management (Philip Wright): 4 December 2017  (report, pdf)
  • Precision farming: 7 November 2017 (report, pdf)
  • Launch meeting: 26 June 2017 (report, pdf)

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