The Farm Business Review Tool can help you assess your business and get ready for a world without BPS payments.

The tool is made up of three components which can help you assess your business and be prepared for the reduction in BPS payments. They are:

  • BPS Impact Calculator: see how the reduction in direct payments affects your business
  • Business Resilience Assessment: review your business and learn about ways to improve
  • KPI Express Calculator: compare how your farm is performing against industry target

Why use the Farm Business Review Tool

With reductions in BPS payments beginning this year, taking a wait-and-see approach isn’t an option for farmers and growers who rely on this income.

The free Farm Business Review Tool is designed to support you through this transition period and help you prepare for a prosperous future.

The tool is available for beef, lamb, dairy and cereals and oilseeds producers in England.

Getting started with the Farm Business Review Tool

To start using the tool you will need to register. You’ll need to enter basic information including your name, address and contact number. You’ll also need to create a password for your account. Once your account has been created, you will receive email confirmation.

Now you are ready to use the tool.

Inputting your data

To get the most out of the Farm Business Review Tool you will need to input certain data. The data you will need will depend on which aspect of the tool you use, but generally you will need your latest set of farm accounts along with sales and production figures.

Find out more about the three components of the tool by clicking on the links below.

BPS Impact Calculator

Business Resilience Assessment

KPI Express Calculator

Contact us

If you have any problems signing up or logging on to the Farm Business Review Tool please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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