Bovine Uclerative Mammary Dermatitis

Ulcerative mammary dermatitis is also known as mammary necrotic dermatitis, udder seborrhoea, intertrigo or foul udder.

It causes lesions which have a characteristic pungent smell, a moist exudate and dermatitis which are generally at the front of udder, in front of the forequarters and next to the abdominal wall.

There are reports of an increased level of this condition in herds with severe bovine digital dermatitis.

A recent study1 identified the spirochaetes (bacteria associated with digital dermatitis) in some ulcerative mammary dermatitis lesions but not all. This may mean other bacteria are also involved.

1N.J. Evans et al 'Association of treponemes with bovine ulcerative mammary dermatitis' Veterinary Record 2010;166:532-533 doi:10.1136/vr.b4822