Leading motivated teams

During the autumn (2020) we ran a series of workshops to help you develop your skills as a leader and enhance your ability to develop a stronger, motivated team within your business.

Business success stems from hard work, drive, ambition and great people. A key factor in the success of a business is its leadership, and evidence shows that great leadership produces committed and resilient teams.

Paul Horwood from Sandstone Communications (right), shared his experiences from Afghanistan to the boardroom, drawing on his involvement from the military, veterinary industry (farm practice), mountaineering and successful sports teams to provide practical solutions to build and maintain motivation among the teams within your business.

Participants received practical advice and real solutions to issues you deal with on a regular basis.

What did participants get out of the workshops?

By taking part, participants discovered how to:

  • Define high performance 
  • Set up and develop a high-performing team
  • Measure and reward performance 
  • Create the optimum conditions for your team to perform at their best
  • Enhance performance while under pressure
  • Improve your people management skills

Who took part?

These workshops were aimed at people within 'AgriLeader businesses' who have, or are aiming for, a leadership role within their business.

They were for people who are focusing on managing people as well as the enterprise, farm or greenhouse.

For large business and those who consider themselves 'enabler managers', the programme offered participants a chance to develop the people within their business who are likely to become people managers in the future.

What was the format for the sessions?

The programme consisted of three online workshops plus a follow-up session. Each workshop focused on a particular area of team motivation and performance to help participants build committed, dynamic and resilient teams within their businesses.

How to register

This round of workshops has now taken place, but if you are interested in taking part in future sessions, get in touch.

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