Rob Nancekivell

Dairy Sector Council Member (Dairy Farmer)

Image of staff member Rob Nancekivell


Rob farms in partnership with his family, milking 220 cows on a robotic system in Devon, rearing all the followers to finished on as much home-grown feed as possible. He is passionate about the dairy industry and has been involved as an Arla farmer representative, holding many different positions over the last five years. This experience has been a valuable insight into the industry and the various challenges it presents, particularly in the ever-changing global climate.

With a background in agricultural engineering, he has also spent time in the USA on a dairy and arable farm, giving him different and valuable perspectives on the industry. He would like to see AHDB involved in more industry collaboration and to highlight the nutritional density of the food we produce.

In addition to highlighting the nutritional value of dairy, Rob is also particularly interested in the need to help educate consumers about the positive environmental credentials of the sector. He wants consumers to have a greater understanding of the positive work UK dairy farmers are doing in contributing to feeding the world in an efficient and sustainable way.

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