Awal Fuseini

Halal Sector Senior Manager

Image of staff member Awal Fuseini


Mobile: 07391 868571

Awal works closely with levy payers and key stakeholders in the Halal sector to create a better understanding of the requirements of Halal meat production. His role involves introducing various initiatives aimed at promoting English beef and lamb as versatile and convenient products to Halal consumers. Awal also collaborates with Halal certification bodies to understand the requirements of the major export markets with a view to facilitating the export of English beef and lamb to the global Halal market, with particular focus on the Middle Eastern and Sub-Saharan African markets.

Awal previously worked as an auditor and certification manager for one of the largest Halal certifiers in the UK, he is a trained British Retail Consortium (BRC) and ISO 9001 third party auditor. He has also made a significant contribution to academic literature through the publication of a book on Halal meat production, and numerous peer-reviewed papers in reputable scientific journals such as Meat Science, Veterinary Record, Animal Welfare, CAB Reviews, Food Ethics and others. Awal holds a PhD in animal welfare and meat science from Bristol University, his research interests centre around improving animal welfare at slaughter and evaluating consumer behaviour.

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