Potatoes: what do I get for my levy?

Helping British Potato growers to grow.

The industry faces uncertain trading conditions as we leave the European Union and due to the loss of available crop protection products. We will continue to invest your levy where there is the strongest need for independent evidence, while keeping up the momentum on promotion as consumers return to potatoes as a staple food in times of recession.

Our work is driven by our commitment to help the British potato sector grow. In recent years we have been:

  • Investing £0.5m a year in storage research*
  • Influencing 12% more consumers to think potatoes are healthy
  • Educating over 5 million primary school children through our Grow Your Own Potatoes programme
  • Improving productivity, costs or profitability for 92% of attendees at events
  • Investing £0.3m a year on crop protection research*

If you would like to hear more about how your levy is being invested, please listen to this podcast.  In this episode we speak to three levy payers about areas of AHDB’s most important and valuable work: marketing, storage and SPot farms.

*Average investment over last three financial years.

How your levy is invested

From our continued work on potato storage research to supporting technical crop protection programmes, we're committed to investing your levy where it is needed the most. Below you'll find more detailed information about how your potatoes levy is spent in these key areas: 

  • Storage research
  • Marketing, education and exports
  • Potato agronomy and crop protection
  • Potato markets and EU exit information

Town Hall meetings - have your say

Join us for an opportunity to ask your questions, meet members of our team and potatoes board, and hear a little more about AHDB. You’ll have the opportunity to submit questions before hand or join our ‘virtual stage’ and speak directly with the team.

Each session is open to all levy payers, but will focus on the elements of our work that benefits the sub sector in question.

If you would like to discuss the format of these meetings, please contact your local Knowledge Exchange Manager via our 'meet the team' page.

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