Horticulture: What do I get for my levy?

Helping British growers to grow.

At the heart of AHDB’s work is our commitment to help Britain’s growers to grow.

Growers are now juggling long term challenges such as fewer plant protection products, increasing staff costs and the impacts of weather alongside more immediate concerns including the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit.

Our work as Britain’s largest and only funder of applied horticulture research dedicated to addressing concerns of horticulture growers has seen us invest £30 million in programmes since 2014.

This ensures we are identifying crop-specific solutions to pests, weeds and diseases and enabling all levy payers to benefit from the latest research and best practice.

Research: investing in the future

  • We have secured 70% of all Extension of Authorisation of Minor Use approvals (EAMUs) to ensure growers across 200 minor crops have access to essential crop protection products when they need it most.
  • Growers attending AHDB’s pioneering SmartHort Strategic Centres have reported up to 40% improvements in labour efficiency, helping identify where staff time and effort could be better focused.
  • Our pest monitoring also forms a vital part of British horticulture’s defence against emerging threats, with 46% of growers and 73% of horticulture agronomists using our bulletins.
  • Over 70% of farm nutrient management plans in England are produced using AHDB’s Nutrient Management Guide (RB209), enabling growers to cut costs and improve yields.

Services: delivering for business

  • Delivering essential, ground-breaking research into emerging pests like Spotted Wing Drosophila and diseases like Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus is a core part of what we do.
  • 259 promising new crop protection products are being fast tracked to market through AHDB co-funding the unique SCEPTREplus programme with industry partners.
  • We bring new genetics and breeding to market, with, for example, five new strawberry cultivars launched through East Malling Breeding Club.
  • Through working with growers, scientists and technologists, SmartHort is helping increase uptake of robotics and automation to deliver practical, cost effective innovation to growers’ businesses.

Horticulture finance - how your levy is spent

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