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What do I get for my levy?

Our strategy is set in consultation with you, through the AHDB Potatoes Board.

We encourage you to take a closer look at our activities and work out how they can contribute to your bottom line.

We've recently expanded our Knowledge Exchange (KE) team, please contact your local KE Manager if you have any questions about what we do.

You may be visiting this page of our website as you have received your planting return letter. It is a statutory obligation that you return your form and payment on-time. As per previous years, the completed return is due back on or before the 1st June and payment is due on or before 1st December.

We have upgraded and improved the online planting returns system. Please click on this link to access the portal:

Please contact Jack Atkins on sends e-mail) or 024 7647 8602 for help with the portal.


Strategic Potato Farms

Designed for and by growers and agronomists – SPot Farms allow you to share ideas with each other and with researchers in a commercial farm environment. Over 80% of attendees last year found something they can do differently back on the home-farm.

There are five sites and over 20 events planned each year, so make sure you put in a visit:

Sprout suppression and storage advice

Potato store managers will be able to call on information and support from an £800,000 fund ring-fenced fund for sprout suppression and storage advice as the uncertainty around the future of Chlorpropham (CIPC) continues. Here’s how we're helping:

Disease intelligence and crop protection

Whether it’s blight, PCN or aphids and virus, you’ll find regular updates on pest and disease pressure through the summer supported by the latest thinking in management and control options.

In 2017, blight scouts who contribute to the Fight Against Blight, played a vital part in monitoring the spread of the blight strain EU_37 (aka ​'Dark green 37'), which was confirmed as insensitive to fluazinam. The fight continues, and last year we agreed to fund blight strain results in-season so that you know what you're dealing with in real-time. Our site contains weather alerts, blight monitoring and the opportunity to sign-up as a blight scout.

Here are some of our key crop protection services and tools:


Our hugely successful Potatoes: More than a Bit on the Side campaign was launched in July 2015 and ran until the end of 2018 in conjunction with Bord Bia, with the aim of re-engaging younger consumers with the potato; demonstrating its health and nutritional virtues; as well as showing modern and contemporary ways in which they can be used to fit in with today’s busy lifestyles.

Consumption figures for fresh potatoes have showed an increase of 3% between 2015 and 2018 (Kantar WorldPanel 52 weeks to end November 2018), with frequency of purchase also increasing steadily over recent years. This follows on from a long term decline trend starting in the 1970s.

The campaign generated 5 million web visits, 3 million YouTube views and a following of over 1 million across social media. That's a lot of people viewing new and exciting recipes that put potatoes at the forefront of people's mind when they ask 'what's for tea?'

You can view some of the campaign activity via the following accounts:

Ordinary food is good enough

Our latest campaign launched in January 2020.

With so many mixed messages in the media about food, nutrition and diets, it is easy to get confused and follow guidance from unqualified sources. 

These messages are magnified through social media and can have damaging effects on our physical and mental welfare. Many of us strive to look like others or follow extreme diets which often aren’t realistic and can instead have detrimental effects on health due to a lack of key nutrients.

Potato Data Centre and MI services

Launched in 2017, PDC puts our crop production and price data in one easy-access place.  If it’s a specific variety or a particular region, you’ll get the latest when you sign up.


Unearth your strengths. Farmbench helps you to understand and compare your full costs of production. Input either whole-farm or just your potato costs to suit your needs.


AHDB is committed to producing up-to-the minute reports on how Brexit might affect GB agriculture. Our analysis in the Horizon series is created to benefit you. Access it via our website, where there is also an impact calculator and the facility to ask our Brexit team questions, or in the trade and national media.


Our market development team continue to work on keeping existing markets going while opening up new ones. In March we visited Egypt, with partners from Scottish Government and received assurances from the Egyptian Government that legislation was in place to allow the continued supply of British seed potatoes post-Brexit.

Want to know more?

Contact your local member of our newly expanded KE team here.

As well as tools and services aimed at helping you and your business, the levy funds research projects that are vital to the industry, for example our work on new blight strains and alternative sprout suppressants. You can see a review of all the research projects currently funded by your levy here.