4 February 2020

Businesses warned not to use CIPC at 2020 store loading

31 January 2020

We review our latest research and the thoughts of store managers from Northern Europe

10 January 2020

Cleaning now could be a vital step in preparing for any forthcoming CIPC tMRL in 2021

20 September 2019

Get the latest guidance from the AHDB storage team, with sections for new stores and those that have previously had CIPC treatments

20 September 2019

AHDB research trials have shown that the future of sprout control post-CIPC could be in using a combination of treatments

20 September 2019

A study has found that CIPC will permeate the top layer of concrete in treated stores

19 September 2019

Three months on since the announcement that CIPC will lose its authorisation on 8 January 2020, we take a look at the situation for store managers as it stands

27 June 2019

When will you have to stop using CIPC? What support are we offering? What alternatives are there?

8 August 2019

Funded one-to-one visits for store managers worried about forthcoming change

17 March 2020

Fazor, Crown MH, Itcan and Source II use the active Maleic Hydrazide (MH), which is growing in importance as a sprout suppressant

8 August 2019

A round-up of the sprout suppressants not yet available in the UK