9 August 2021

An optimised herbicide application technique will help make every drop count.

23 June 2021

AHDB's Dr Jon Foot shares his thoughts how farming can get to net zero

3 June 2021

Harvest 2021 trials at AHDB Strategic Cereal Farms will focus on the prevention, detection and control of pests, weeds and diseases – key components of IPM (integrated pest management).

7 October 2021

Join our Cereals & Oilseeds Strategic Farm hosts for a week of online activities based around our themes of managed lower inputs, and building diversity above ground.

13 August 2020

We're looking for outstanding individuals for the British Potato Industry & Above and Beyond awards, recognising people who've made significant contributions to the potatoes industry

11 October 2021

This arable magazine covers a variety of AHDB-funded activities.

4 February 2020

Businesses warned not to use CIPC at 2020 store loading

31 January 2020

We review our latest research and the thoughts of store managers from Northern Europe

10 January 2020

Cleaning now could be a vital step in preparing for any forthcoming CIPC tMRL in 2021

9 December 2019

An insight into the integrated slug management techniques emerging across the world

20 September 2019

Get the latest guidance from the AHDB storage team, with sections for new stores and those that have previously had CIPC treatments

20 September 2019

AHDB research trials have shown that the future of sprout control post-CIPC could be in using a combination of treatments