13 February 2019

Taunton Monitor Farm: how do you know if a joint venture is viable?

19 December 2018

Three areas to improve labour management for increased productivity

18 December 2018

What are the principles of lean and how could it benefit horticulture?

19 December 2018

How can you attract the best employees with an ever dwindling pool of workers

18 December 2018

The second in our series of blogs looks at what the Monitor Farm network is doing to get Brexit ready

11 December 2018

Read the latest news, research and innovation for UK horticulture

21 December 2018

Five top tips to retain seasonal labour and encourage workers to return every year

21 December 2018

Can introducing Champions to your business make an impact on productivity?

28 November 2018

Inform government’s review of the shortage occupation list

19 September 2018

A bumper edition of the Grower magazine for June/July 2018. Looking at the CHAMPION approach - how identifying those champion workers in the business can help drive up productivity across the board. Vendor managed inventory – a new supply chain model that is gaining popularity among ornamental growers in North America.

31 August 2018

With the UK in a state of uncertainty over its direction in the coming years, we speak to Minister of State for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, George Eustice, to get the low-down on the Government’s plans for a fitter future

31 July 2020

In this issue of Horizon we consider the impact that Brexit may have on the industry in terms of availability and affordability of labour.