Bulbs & Outdoor Flowers

21 October 2021

The most recent extension of authorisations for minor use secured for plant protection products

25 February 2021

Wayne Brough shares the key messages from our webinar 'Why am I having difficulty controlling aphids in my crop?’

22 February 2021

Joanna McTigue on our response to the closure of LTAEU to support growers of ornamental crops

1 February 2021

Our evening Town Halls are a further opportunity for all horticulture growers to join members of our senior team to ask questions and hear the thoughts of the panel.

25 January 2021

This issue of The Grower explores cost-effective solutions for weed control in containers and profiles the work of two PhD students taking part in our studentship programme.

2 June 2021

This issue of The Grower explores the EU Exit and impact on pesticides, the evolution of growing media and profiles the work of the horticulture Strategic Centres.

6 January 2021

An overview of the services and products that AHDB Horticulture provides.

26 January 2021

Join us for this webinar which will discuss improving IPM for ornamental crops.

4 February 2021

Growers explain how they are using our research and knowledge exchange

28 January 2021

Join us for the first of our all horticulture town hall meetings, where you can ask your questions directly to members of the AHDB senior team.

14 January 2021

This Town Hall is a second opportunity to join members of the senior and ornamentals teams to ask your questions directly and find out more about AHDB.