19 January 2021

Find out how GrowSave is helping pig farmers save energy

1 August 2020

Find out how electrolysis can be used to produce hydrogen from renewable resources

11 August 2020

During this webinar, you will be taken on a journey to learn the basics of the slurry cooling system, discover benefits and industry reps that can help you, make a difference. Find out all the upcoming work we are doing.

14 July 2020

In the Spring Budget, the Government announced a two-year extension to the current Climate Change Agreement (CCA) scheme, with precise terms now out for consultation.

23 November 2020

Liebig's barrel - analogy for plant growth

23 November 2020

Read about water use efficiency in glasshouses

23 November 2020

Read about how labour shortages in agriculture could be resolved by more investment into technology and automation

8 March 2021

At a time of such fragility for the battered economy, the Spring Budget was always going to be a challenge

5 March 2021

Three weeks into the new year and I wonder how many people have managed to stick to their resolutions

22 March 2021

The Government has just launched the ‘expression of interest’ phase of the new Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) scheme, which is due to launch in mid-2022,

21 December 2020

Read about the use of computer modelling to manage your glasshouse environment

8 April 2021

Use this information to help complete EPR applications when planning new pig housing and slurry storage facilities.