Pork sector plan

The English pig sector has adapted quickly to make the most of changing global trade patterns, exporting to over 97 countries worldwide. It has also responded positively to shifting consumer trends. However, there is still significant work ahead.

Over the next five years we will continue to help producers adopt on-farm innovation and best practice through our existing network of Pig Clubs and Strategic Farms. This will be supported through our website, podcasts and digital tools, and a strong line-up of online support.

*Pork in England only

In addition, we will focus on the following two priority areas:

  • Growing markets overseas
  • Protecting and promoting the reputation of pork at home

The challenges are:

  • How can we sell every part of the pig for the best return at home or overseas?
  • How do we continue to protect the reputation of pork and promote its benefits to consumers?
  • How do we continue to improve animal health and welfare, and reduce our impact on the environment?
  • How can we improve production efficiency in a way that supports the reputation of British pork, while remaining competitive at home and overseas?

Growing markets overseas

  • We will continue to lead on market access work to countries such as Vietnam, partnering with processors, stakeholders and Government
  • We will continue to grow high-value markets such as Hong Kong and high-volume markets such as China. We will do this through having specialist staff on the ground in key markets, providing expertise and support. Growing markets overseas provides greater opportunities for carcase balance, which helps support domestic farmgate prices

Protecting and promoting the reputation of pork at home

  • We will ensure consumers continue to have confidence in British pig production standards by funding activities such as the electronic medicine book for pigs (eMB) to track antibiotic use, the Pig Health scheme, disease surveillance, EAML2 and the Real Welfare Scheme
  • Using our world-class consumer insight, we will deliver high-profile, targeted pork marketing campaigns, to meet consumer needs for health, nutrition, taste and convenience. This will help ensure pork remains a positive choice for consumers
  • We will give consumers the latest information on the nutritional value of pork and the important role it plays in a healthy balanced diet
  • We will build on the example of the electronics medicine book for pigs to create a similar system on behalf of the industry to collect data on environmental performance. This will show consumers and policymakers the pig sector is committed to tracking and improving its impact on the environment

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Change Programme and Strategy 2021-2026 (PDF)